School furniture



School furniture second office


Coat/Hat Stand


Light Box Table

Mobile Book Shelf

Mobile Library Trolley

Mobile Storage Unit

Mobile Teachers Aid

Baroness Chair

Barwon Beam Seating

Bean Bags

Floor Mats

Flower Chair

Flower Set

Glen Chair

Glen Chair – Tablet Arm

Kids Chair

Kimberely Double Seater

Music Chair

Peanut Cluster

Poppy Stool

Posture Chair

Posture Chair – sled base

Posture Chair – ‘Z’ Base

Posture on 5 Way Base

Posture Tablet Arm

Pre-School – Timber

school furniture - chair - second office

Pre-School – Vinyl

Quattro Lounge – single seater

Relax Lounge Chair

Rod Chair Tablet Arm

Rosella Stacker

Stacker Tablet Arm

Visitors Chair

Art Stool

Christie Stool

Cognac Stool

Goodfellow Stool

High Back Stool

Lilly Stool

Lilly Stool Low Back

School furniture - chair

Misty Stool

Paris Bar Stool

Paris Bar Stool no back

Poppy Stool

Posture Stool

Posture Stool no back

Posture Stool on Castors

Rose Stool

Round Stool

Special Goodfellow

Stool with Back

Stool with Back 25ml Tube

Teacher’s Stool

Torino Stool

Zoe Stool (No Back)

Zoe Stool Veneer

Art Table

Biscuit Table

Bullnose Table

Carrel Four Way

Carrel Single

Conference Table

Flex Table

Folding Leg Table

Half Moon Table

Hexagonal Pod

Horseshoe Table

Kite Pod

Oval Table

Primary Rectangle

Round Folding Leg Table

Round Table

School Desk

Teachers Desk

Teachers Desk with Return

Trapezium Table

Wave Table

10 Mobile Tote Box Melamine Trolley

10 Mobile Tote Box Metal Trolley

15 Mobile Tote Box Melamine Trolley

15 Mobile Tote Box Metal Trolley

5 Mobile Tote Box Melamine Trolley

5 Mobile Tote Box Metal Trolley

Book Dump Trolley

Mobile Magazine Rack

Art Trolley