• 285MM WIDE
  • 158MM DEEP
  • 5MM HIGH

Penclic has taken the keyboard to a new level, combining Scandinavian design, function and ergonomics without sacrificing comfort.

  • 285mm Wide
  • 158mm Deep
  • 5mm High
  • Wireless Compact

Penclic has taken the Wireless keyboard to a new level, combining contemporary scandanavian design, function and ergonomics without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy the simple and sleek design of Penclics’ ergonomic mini keyboard.

Minimised Size. Maximised Comfort.

Reclaim your desk with Penclics Mini Keyboard and create a healthy working position with the Wireless Mini Keyboards compact design. This compact design allows for you to bring the mouse closer to your keyboard to preven unnecessary strain.

The keyboards low profile keys minimise noise while you are working. The normal size of the keys surface area also provide a tactile feeling which results in fast typing speeds.

Not only is the Penclic Mini Keyboard stylish and attractive, the tonality and design is also important for your wellbeing. The keyboard gives off minimal reflection, and usually matches the colour on your computer screen. This is a visual ergonomic imporvement that wil set this keyboard a part from others.

  • Low Profile
  • Nano USB-receiver – 5m Reach
  • Quiet-Touch keys that minimise noise and provide tactile feeling
  • Rechargeable via USB cable
  • Light matte colour reduces reflection of light and glare

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