• 500MM WIDE
  • 115MM DEPTH
  • 22MM HIGH

The Mousetrapper Lite encompasses the main design features of the other models in a stripped back chassis

  • 500mm Wide
  • 115mm Depth
  • 22mm High
  • Integrated Wrist Rest

The Mousetrapper Lite is the base model of the Mousetrapper range, it encompasses much of the idea behind the higher models minus all the ritzy bits. It allows for in-line mousing posture and reduced reach mousing. It is intended for users who only require left click, double click, right click and scroll feature. Unlike the other versions It does not operate with customiseable buttons via MTKeys.

By placing your index, middle and ring fingers on the unique mesh-like silicone rollerpad you can control the cursor with simple movements. The rollerpad allows you to cllick and double klick anywhere on its surface. As the mouse is located directly infront of you (and not to the side), it allows for your arms to be kept close to and directly infront of your body.

  • 4 buttons with scroll and auto-scroll function
  • basic and easy to use; simplified design
  • USB plug and play
  • Control pad with click function
  • Mousetrapper has been designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden for over 24 years

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