• 392MM WIDE
  • 119MM DEEP
  • 20.5MM HIGH

The Balance Keyboard has been designed specifically by contour for use with their award winning RollerMouse family.

  • 392mm Wide
  • 119mm Deep
  • 20.5mm High

The Balance Keyboard has been designed specifically by contour for use with their award winning ergonomic RollerMouse family. This specific design encompasses easy to reach access across all keys on the board without the need to remove your hands from the RollerMouse. This isn’t something you can normally acheive with the RollerMouse in conjunction with other keyboards, this keyboard is purpose built to be used with the RollerMouse family of products.

Balance Keyboard’s adjustable legs and tilt options allow for easy adjustability into negative, neutral,and positive typing angles.

Increased Functionality

Balance Keyboard’s media keys perform useful everday tasks and can easily be programmed to suit your specific needs. Traditional keys (F1-F12) are alos available, and easily accessible through the Fn lock feature.

Power and Freedom

Its time to cut the cord. Balance Keyboard is wireless and runs on 2 AAA batteries. It connects to your PC or Mac using its own USB wireless receiver, which is securely stored in the battery housing when not in use. Balance keyboard does not need an on/off switch, thanks to its smart, power-saving technology.

Perfect For:

Contour Rollermouse Red

Contour Rollermouse Free2 and Free3

Contour Rollermouse Pro 2


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